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Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Adsense approval tips tricks - fast approve in 8 easy steps (2020 May)

Adsense approval tips fast approve in 8 easy steps (2020 May)


With some simple doings, you can get approved Adsense for your website very fast.

I have started my website 1 month back, I just posted 23 posts till now, I don't even write 300-500 word posts, my posts are even properly not organized, still, my website got Adsense approval.


I Followed these 8 steps.


Buy a .com domain.
I Started with blogger but very soon I bought a custom domain
( from Namecheap website


Create a domain-specific email address.
I made custom email for my website
This email also I bought from NameCheap


Add privacy and terms and condition pages to your site.


I have written a few posts. One each day for 10 to15days. They are not unique anyway.


Uploaded sitemap.xml to google search console


I have made sure that all redirects for my website should be working properly
 in 4 scenarios


Driven traffic from my app to my website.
I am getting daily 500 visits from my already succeeded app

Here You can share your posts on social media to get though I haven't done this since I was getting traffic from my app., traffic


That's all. Applied for Adsense on Adsense website. Got approved.


If you follow these steps, your website will be approved from AdSense easily.

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Play All Formats of Videos on Android-An Awesome Video Player App with Popup screen feature

Multi X Video Player For Android: Play All Formats of Videos, popup screen

flv mkv mp4 avi mov wav flac 4k hd video player for android
4k HD video player


Multi X Video Player – 4K HD Video Player app All Format is a powerful video-play capacity to simply support you play more video in Maxx HD and audio files stored on your phone. video player is use to play differing types of video format. like FLV, MKV, MP4, MP3, AVI, MOV, WAV, FLAC video files.


-Video Player with 4K Maxx HD
-Popup video player (POPUP window video player)
-Supports many formats (Video player supports most video formats as well as AVI, MP4,
, RMVB, MKV, 3GP, M4V, MOV, TS, MPG, FLV, etc, simply depends on your device
-Online video search with built-in youtube API
-Awesome UI

This is the best video player app for android which has built-in hardware acceleration and auto-rotation, you must have this powerful utility tool on your phone.

Edit Photoes in Android in a professional way with the best Photo Editor App

Edit Photos in Android in a professional way with the best Photo Editor App

best photo editing app for android 2020



Modify your gallery pictures/photos with this photo editor (picture editor)

This is the most beautiful Photo Editor with collage maker, the photo frame maker.


-Crop, rotate, resize and 1:1 aspect ratio

-Photo Frames


-Light leaks



-overlays, masks

-easy share

Help me improve this Photo Editor (Picture Editor)

Playstore link

Thursday, 9 April 2020

How to add Admob App-Ads.txt for Blogger hosted custom domain - AdMob Doesn`t crawl fix,

Add Admob App-Ads.txt for Blogger hosted custom domain

(fix the problem of AdMob not crawling app-ads.txt)

If you are using AdMob on your Android Apps, You might have seen AdMob asking for app-ads.txt for your play store apps. app-ads.txt is a text file that is hosted on a website. So in order to upload the app-ads.txt file, you need to have a domain.  There are other ways to do it for free But I strongly recommend having your own domain name. Here in this post, I will show you how to add app-ads.txt to your blogger hosted custom domain and fix problems of AdMob not crawling app ads txt

sample app-ads.txt, pub-312561056759850, DIRECT, s08l97fec0242fh0


1. Go to AdMob--Apps-app-ads.txt 
2.Copy that code
4.Paste it on the root of a blogger domain
5. Go to play store
6. Select an app
7.Store listing
8.Paste the website name in the store listing website place

Detailed process:

First of all, go to the AdMob website, your account, apps, view all apps. There you can find the app-ads section. Here is the screenshot

Click on the app-ads.txt, you will find the detailed steps in a window like this.

Now you have your app-ads.txt, Copy that code. 

Upload app-ads.txt To Blogger custom domain

Now go to, select your blog, go to that blog`s settings page like shown below
In the settings>search preferences, you will find custom ads.txt 

Edit the custom ads.txt, paste the app-ads.txt. save the changes.

Now in the same blogger settings>search preferences  page, you can see "custom redirects"
 Edit the custom redirects, /app-ads.txt to /ads.txt like shown in the screenshot below, and save the changes.

Now go to play store developer console website>all application. Click on any one of the applications,
select store presence,> store listing, scroll down to contact details. there you will see the website, email, phone, etc. In the website place, paste your blogger website URL. For example, 
(Don't paste the app-ads.txt URL, example:

Now that's all. wait for 12-24hours. AdMob will crawl the app-ads.txt and , you will see the green color dot in the AdMob Apps section. like below


There are chances that you cannot set up the app-ads.txt file in the blogger, in that situation, even after 24 hrs or so. the AdMob will not crawl the app-ads.txt file. So be sure that you have set up your domain name in the blogger properly.

Here is the crucial fie

For example, my domain name is make sure the website opens in the four scenarios. with https and without https. with www and without www. For this, you need to set up your custom domain name in your domain name provider website as well as in the blogger.

Monday, 6 April 2020

The best pdf converter app : Covert images,text to pdf and create pdf

PDF Converter: Image To pdf-Text To Pdf

PDF Converter is a tool to convert your images to a single PDF file without any limitation. and you can generate PDF Documents without an internet connection. Do you want to convert images to PDF offline or without internet connection? PDF Converter that can easily do it within a limited time.

Image to PDF Converter is a simple user interface app that easily converts any image from your gallery instantly. PDF to images Converter free application 2019 allows you to convert or merge images after PDF conversion. If you want to convert any text from phone memory to PDF then this app will help you.

Image to PDF Converter

Best PDF Converter is a response quickly as function converts images to PDF. You can also use a merge PDF option to join two or more pdf. Image Pdf Converter is lightweight and gives to the accurate result or many more features like add watermark in pdf after conversion, add a password, etc.

PDF Converter: USER GUIDE:

It takes a few simple steps to convert PDF to the desired file format.

1. Open Pdf Converter Application and you will see all pdf options.
2. Choose a conversion type option and Select the document you want to convert. It can be a PDF file, document or images from your phone.
3. If you want to use Image Pdf Converter then click on image to pdf option.
4. Easily convert PDF to Images.
5. Text to PDF fast.
6. Easily Make professional and clean PDF documents from your collection images, cover letters, portfolios, certificates, and other documents when you can store in safe storage with a password.
7. Easily Add PDF password, Add PDF Watermark, Rotate PDF pages.

Best PDF Converter Features

++ 3 different theme color in this app
++ No limits on the file size or the number of converted files.
++ Easy Interface
++ Read, edit and compress PDF
++ Split, merge and rotate PDF
++ Add Password and Remove password
++ History
++ Powerful PDF scanner.
++ Add Watermark
++ Remove Duplicate Pages
++ Invert PDF
++ Reorder Image
++ File converter of excellent conversion quality.
++ Extract Image
++ Font and page Setting
++ Text to PDF
++ Word to PDF
++ PDF scans and complex documents are converted as well.
++ View Files
++ BMP to PDF
++ PNG to PDF
++ GIF to PDF
++ Various file formats are supported (Word, Excel, Image, AutoCAD and more).
++ Add Favorite option in share

Disclaimer of PDF Converter App:

1. Best PDF Converter application not recommended for use with confidential/secret information.
2. PDF Converter application not affiliated with other Apps.
3. Please report by mail any issues before giving a bad rating.


WiFi Router Manager - View Default Router passwords and admin page-Android app

WiFi Router Manager - View Default router passwords and admin page

router default password
all wifi router settings

WIFI Router Manager - Whois, Who use my WIFI, It will detect your easiest gateway, which is the Setup your Router Page whatever it is, and open directly to your WiFi Router Admin Page and also gives search for Router Username and Password in the database(offline) by your Router Model.

App Playstore Link:

Discover all information which devices are connecting to Wi-Fi network, Setup Router Page, check connected devices on your WiFi, troubleshoot your network problems and gives the best network performance, with the world’s most famous & liked network toolkit. 
Designed of block WIFI to monitor your WiFi connecting devices and protect WiFi security. Through this app, in some seconds you have to know how much and which device(like IP address, model name) is connecting to your router with IP, MAC ID.

Features of WIFI Router Manager - Whois, Who use my WIFI Application: 

  • Block any type of Stranger Devices using WIFI Router Manager
  • Default Username and Password List of Router -
  • Search wifi connected devices by Mac Address, IP address, and Device ID
  • Show history of all connected, discovered networks
  • Show full profile of connected devices such as Name of Device, Manufacturer ID, Device IP address and Device Mac address
  • Setup Page of Router
  • Setup WiFi password
  • Check Who use my WiFi
  • WiFi checker
  • WiFi blocker for some devices
  • Default Router Admin
  • Default Router Password
  • Check devices on WiFi
  • Which type devices are connected to WiFi 
  • This way to Know If Someone uses your WiFi
  • Whois


Free WiFi Hotspot App For Android Mobile 220 - Share wifi free within seconds

Create Free wifi hotspot

create free wifi hotspot in seconds with this free app
free wifi hotspot

Free wifi hotspot application for android. This is the best mobile wifi hotspot application you can try out. no root or tether plan is required. It is most easy, and its simple interface is usable within a click of the installation. You can turn on the WiFi Hotspot in a single click from this Android WiFi Hotspot app.

play store app link

★ Turn-ON/OFF your phone into a wifi hotspot free quickly with just one click.
★ Choose your own wifi router Name & Password
★ Free Mobile Hotspot app now support on Android O
★ Share 3G/4G/5G with password security
★ Free Wifi Hotspot app is providing mobile data usability with awesome graphics.

How To Use:
How to use Free Mobile Hotspot
★ Step 1: Open Free Mobile Hotspot
★ Step 2: Turn on 3G/4G.
★ Step 3: Set your Mobile Hotspot Name and Password then click Start to share WiFi from your phone.
★ Tip: You can quickly turn on Wifi Hotspot by creating “Shortcut” in-home screen use below button

App Download Link

Tags: #wifihotspot #wifihotspotapp

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Use Quora Android App Dark Mode on Android 10 /Android Q

Trick to use Quora app in dark mode- Android 10

We all know that Android 10 (Android Q) has dark mode feature built in . This dark theme helps reducing eye strain and also improves device battery backupBut it is limited to system and few apps like playsore,gmail,photos etc. Some apps still don`t get the dark mode feature.
One of those apps is Quora. This is so popular application but you will not find any settings in the app to turn on dark mode or dark theme. Android 10 system wide dark mode will not help in this case either.
so here is the trick to use Quora Android App in dark mode or dark theme.

Iam here taking example of my phone Google pixel 2.Settings may be little bit different for each phone model.WORKS ONLY ON ANDROID 10.


1.Turn on developer options in Android settings. T do that you need to tap several times on "Build number"

go to --settings--About phone--Build number (tap several times on the build number)

Now you have developer options enabled.

2.Now go to developer oprions
Phone--Settings--System--Advanced--Developer options

3.Scroll down slowly to see the option "Override force-dark". Enable it.
quora app dark thme
force dark mode

Boom!! Now Open Quora App. You will enjoy reading the Quora dark theme. This process enables almost all apps to dark mode. 

quora android app dark theme
Quora App dark Mode

Final words
This is the trick to force dark mode on almost all apps. But rememeber that this setting will last untill you reboot your phone.Once you reboot your phone for some reason, you need to re enable the force dark mode in developer options.

Android Rooting - Top 7 Android Apps Works with Root Access

Rooting Android, Top 7 Root Apps Android 

 Top 7 android apps for rooted phones
Best Apps for Rooted phones

If you have ever use an Android phone, you may have heard of the words "rooting" or "root" or "root access".  You may have questions on your mind that what actually rooing a phone is. Why we need to root our Android phones? What are the benifits of rooing? What are the risks of rooting? What are the best apps for rooted phones ? etc.

Here in this post I will give the answers to the above questions.

What is Rooting?

Rooting is a process to gain admin rights on system. You will have full controle on your phone.

How to root a phone?

Depend upon your phone model, there are so many rooting methods available. Befor rooting your phone
you need to have unlocked bootloader for your phone. some phones come with unlocked bootloader by default, but most of the phones now a days have locked bootloaders.

Some popular root methods..

KINGO root
LG One Click Root
iRoot (aka vRoot)
Towel Root
Stump Root
Universal Androot
Baidu Root
Easy Rooting Toolkit
CF Auto-Root
SRS Root
Root Master
Root Genius
360 Super Root

Try any of the above root methods at your own risk. (read rooting risks belove befor you try to root your device).

If above rooting method don`t work,You can try to flash superuser or magisk zip file manually to get root access on your device.Be sure that your phone has unlocked bootloader,if not, try to unlock bootloader first. then root your phone.
After Rooting your phone, you can verify whether your device properly rooted or not with 

Rooting Benifits

superuser permissions (full control over your phone).
Use root-requiring apps (Xposed,wifi tether, backups, etc).
Ability to flash and use a custom recovery image (for flashing ROMs and Kernels).
Flash custom ROMs and kernels
Flash other .zip files like radio/modem
Removing bloatware (apps that you don't want or need but can't normally delete)
Upgrading your firmware to later versions (such as phones that won't get the latest Android version)
Use terminal for adb and fastboot commands
Modify system,data files
Install cutom fonts
Find saved wifi passwords..etc

Rooting Risks

Voids warranty
Chances of bricking device
Possibility of damaging hardware
The cons are easy to avoid, as long as you do everything correctly and do your research first.

Best Root Applications you can try for your For Android Phone


Due to some policy reasons google will not allow ad block applications on playstore. This application is not available on the playstore. But Iam providing the download link. You can download and install it on your rooted phone.
As name suggests this is a ad blocker application which works on rooted android phones running android 4.1 jellybean and above

link for apk

2.BusyBox Installer

This is the must have application for rooted users. In simple terms, For so many other root apps to properly work,you need to hhave busybox insyalled on your phone.

App link


With this app,you can flash custom kernels,recovery files or any flashable zipson your rooted phone.

App link

4.System App Remover

As name suggests ,this app can unistall system apps on your phone. You cannot uninstall a system app unless you have rooted phone. This app does the job easily. Be careful uninstalling any system app,your phone may be bricked

App link

5.Titanium Backup

If you frequently buy new phones, this app will be handy for you . This app backups apps and data into local storage. You can copy it to external storage and restore it whenever you want. 
Whenever you use any app on your android you can back it up using titanium backup. If you get any update for the app from playstore,If you dont like the new version of any app, you can go back to previous version which is backed up by titanium backup application.

App Link

6.Root Explorer (Root FileManager)

View,edit,delet system files with this feature rich root file manager. One of my favourite file mangaer used on my rooted phones.

App link

7.WiFi Password Show

You can view previously saved wifi passwords on your Rooted android phone with this app. Share,copy,show wifi passwords in the most easiest way.

App Link

Final Words

There are so many other beautiful apps for rooted phones But I have given the above list which are my favourites. Addition to that you can use some apps linke twrp,DNS changer,IMEI changer,reboot manager,font installer,BuildProp Editor,kernel manager,Tasker Greenify etc.

Logo vector created by Harryarts -

How To record calls on Google Pixel 2 - Best call recorder app for google pixel2 without root

How to record calls on Google pixel 2 - without Root ,Android Q / Android 10

For so many poeple,call recording is necessary feature on their Android phone. Many of the phones now a days have built - in call recrding function . Unfortunately Google pixel 2 users can`t record calls on their phone since It doesn`t have the recording feature or any built in app for recording calls.

There are so many call recorder apps on the playstore But most of them are not working on Google Pixel 2. Unfortunately google blobked call recording function from Android Pie.

There are few apps which records call on google pixel 2 but They require root access.
Example this  Call recorder app need root access.

But One App does the job greatly on Google Pixel 2, Running On Android 10 / Android Q. Without Root.

The app name is Call recorder Cube ACR.
Here is the playstore link
call recorder for google pixel2

The call recorder app works on google pixel 2 seamlessly, You can select automatic recording or manual recording in settings. 
This is a free call recorder app
This call recorder app has ads
There are many other features this app has with in-app purchases.

Final Words

I have tried and tested this call recorder on my google pixel 2 not rooted,running on Android 10 / Android Q, you can try yourself. If you have any other better call recorder apps that works on Google Pixel2,please comment in the comment section.