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Thursday, 19 March 2020

How To Earn Money By Making Apps - 5 Easy Steps

How To Earn Money By Making Apps - 5 Easy Steps

There are many ways in this internet era to make money online. Here in this blog post I will explain you How to make money by making android apps in 5 easy steps.
AdMob Earnings

What do you need to make android apps?
1.A laptop -Atleast i3 3rd gen processor,8gb RAM, I prefer windows OS.
2.Internet -No 2g speed,should be fast enough

1st Step:
Head over to Youtube and search for Java tutorials. Learn Java basics for 1-3 months depend upon your grasping skills. I suggest you "telusko" channel for learning Java.
You need to learn basics of Java like classes,methods,variables,objects,interface,arguments,parameters etc.

2nd Step:
Download Android Studio. Learn basics about making Android Apps. like activities, layouts,resources,xml,APK etc. You can find basic tutorials on Youtube or search on google.
Try to make a basic hello world app that shows hellow world text when it opens.

                         ** Now you have some basics knowledge of java and Android apps**

3rd Step:
Head over to github,find apps source code. Now you can copy that code into your android studio,try to do miner changes and test on your device,you will know how things work in the Java.  If you have any doubts in any topic ,you can find answers on the web (

4th Step:  Head over to google developer page,using your gmail,Create playstore developer account with a one-time fee of $25. So that you can publish as many apps as you want on the playstore.

5th Step:Create AdMob account using your gmail. It is free. AdMob helps putting ads into your app. So that you can earn money from the ads. You can find how to integrate admob into your apps,It is very easy process.

Now try to make your desired app/apps and publish on the paystore. (Don`t forget to include admob into your app)


Ask some one who knows how to make apps, get source code from them, generate .apk and upload it on playtsore.

If You have the above basic knowledge, you can earn money with the apps.
Note:Read carefully &follow google play rules&admob rules otherwise your accounts will be suspended forever.