4 best Admob alternatives in 2020

AdMob Alternative ad monetization networks

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Admob alternatives in 2020

AdMob is a monetization platform for mobile apps, developed and maintained by Google. There are a number of monetization networks out there but developers’ priority is always AdMob as fillrate is industry-leading and ad quality too. Unfortunately for some reason, we get banned from using AdMob and we can`t re-enable it (thanks to google policy).In that situation, we need to use other monetization networks for our apps.
Here I am providing some good alternatives for AdMob.
1.Facebook audience network: 
This is a good alternative for AdMob. But I feel creating an audience network account and setting up ads is a little bit difficult task compared to AdMob.
How does it work?
¬†Nowadays many people are using Facebook on their phones. Facebook knows the users’ interests and browsing data. Using that info facebook audience network shows targeted ads to the users.
This is a monetization and mediation platform launched in 2010, later acquired by Twitter. This mobile publishing platform is used in Android and iOS apps. You can find detailed documentation with easy to use user dashboard on their website.
This ad network is also launched in 2010, increasing users day by day but still it is behind AdMob and Facebook audience network in terms of revenue. If you can`t use the AdMob and Facebook audience network, you can try Startapp.
This ad network is mainly a game monetization ad network. It will show video ads in the games that users play on their phones just like unity ads.

Final Words:

Try one by one, test yourself which one works better for you. incase you need some other ad networks, have a look at Mopub, Leadbolt, InMob, etc