Top 5 Best Earphones under 1000 INR

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Best Earphones under 1000: Looking for an earphone with a friendly budget but befuddled in searching for a long time? So here I have come up with my list of top 5 earphones with satisfying and long-lasting features. Here, I have explained to you each and everything about the mentioned products which a buyer should know before purchasing any one of these. We all know that we, musicophiles, cannot survive a day without listening to songs. And if you have lost or damaged your earphones for some reason or another then this article will be very useful for you as the products I have listed can be bought without killing your budget. So before talking about anything else lets dive into the reviews of the products.

Best Earphones under 1000

The first on our list is “Sennheiser CX 180 Earphones”:

The ‘Sennheiser’ name is enough to trust you for buying these earphones. It is 1.2 m wired earphones without a microphone that gives a crystal clear sound base with extremely pure quality of audio. Its design is so eye-catching that you may find it even surrounded by a group of objects. When you will use it you might definitely find it a perfect noise isolated gadget. It has a sound pressure of 110db (1kHz/1Vrms) and 3.5mm plug which is compatible with almost all portable devices like MP3, handset, etc. Now let’s see its pros and cons.

Things I like about this product (Pros) –

Comfortable to use and easy adjustable
Clear vocal and decent Bass
2-Years Warranty

Things I don’t like about this product (Cons) –

No mic
Thin cable (Might break with some force).

The second on our list is “Sony MDR-EX150AP”:

With the name only, you have already guessed that this “Sony MDR-EX150AP” deserves to be on this list because when it comes to sound-related gadgets, Sony doesn’t stand at last. They are very popular earphones in this tight-budget range of lists. The product provides you with its rich Bass and clear vocal, and it has a pure quality of audio. It is made up of premium and stylish metal with a noticeable design. It has a standard quality of microphones and comes with a 1-year warranty. The 1.2 m long earphones are available in different colors with balanced audio and are completely travel-friendly. And this is why It made on the list of “Best Earphones under 1000”. The pros and cons of this product are the followings –

Things I like about this product (Pros) –

Good quality of Sound
Stylish design
Best noise isolation
Calling feature

Things I don’t like about this product (Cons) –

Comparatively Expensive than other listed earphones

The third on our list is “JBL C200SI Super Deep Bass in-Ear Headphones with Mic”:

This model of JBL is best known for its comfort and design. If I have to give a tag to these earphones then I would definitely give it as “Pure Bass“. It also has a shiny and premium metal design with a stylish look. The product comes with clear vocals and has a sturdy body that has a frequency of 20-20000Hz. This 1.2 m long “BL C200SI Super Deep Bass in-Ear Headphones with Mic” has a good quality of bass and treble and has an Inclined Mic with a Remote Button. This product will surely benefit you with its rich quality of plastic. It is Lightweight and comes with 3 sizes of ear tips. The best feature I like about these earphones is that it has a noise-cancelling microphone. It offers you with a unique feature of one-button universal remote.

Things I like about this product (Pros) –

Powerful Bass
Offers access to Google Assistant/Siri
Soft and Durable
Noise Cancelling Microphone

Things I don’t like about this product (Cons) –

Bass Overpower Vocals
Not appropriate for a long period of time.

The fourth on our list is “boAt BassHeads 152 in-Ear Wired Earphones”:

If you are searching for the best bass earphones without killing your budget then nothing could be better this “boAt BassHeads 152 in-Ear Wired Earphones”. It offers thumping Bass with a balanced sound and is crafted with 10 mm drivers which produce a clear loud sound and has the frequency ranges 20 Hz 20 kHz. It has a 3.5 mm Gold plated L-Shaped audio jack which delivers the best sound and has a metallic shinning metal finish. The earphones have a noise-canceling microphone that enables trouble-free answering calls and provides a smooth grip for an extra secure and comfortable fit for your ears. The best feature of this model is its Passive noise cancellation feature that allows the users to listen to the music even in a noisy environment. And this is why It made on the list of “Best Earphones under 1000”.

Things I like about this product (Pros) –

Polished metal ensures its fascinating look
Tangle-free cable is lightweight
Contains easy functions and has user-friendly controls
Comes with various colors for different choices

Things I don’t like about this product (Cons) –

Sometimes Vocals, Highs. and Mids got wrapped up

The fifth on our list is “Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100BK in-Ear Headphones”:

These earphones have crystal clear sound quality. The product is for easy-traveling audio performance and has a comfortable long-wearing design. It offers eight different colors It has lots of disadvantages when compared to others. One of these disadvantages is that If you are looking for good bass earphones I won’t suggest this product as it is not overpowering at all. Now let’s talk about its pros and cons –

Things I like about this product (Pros) –

Offers various colors
Has maximum input Power of 20mW
Suitable for traveling

Things I don’t like about this product (Cons) –

Doesn’t have an inline mic
Its cable is very thin and will get broken if pulled forcibly Bass is not overpowering at all.

Conclusion – My Final Verdict and Ending Note:

The article “Best Earphones under 1000” is only made after reading several reviews and comments by most of the customers online. I hope I have successfully helped you in your decision making of the best earphones online. Some of the products were personally used by me and I have recommended most of my friends before making this review article. For your better understanding, I have even shown the pros and cons of every product in the mentioned list, so that you can analyze both the aspect of the earphones. Lastly, I would like to request you to share this article with your friends and family, and thank you for going through the review.

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