How To find Youtube video Tags – view Youtube Keywords

find keywords of any youtube video to get understand how that video used youtube search engine optimistation

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How To find Youtube video Tags – view Youtube Keywords

Keywords or Tags are necessary to rank video on youtube. Along with title and long description keywords play an important role in search engine optimisation on youtube . If you are curious about how a video shows on top of the youtube search results, you have to know the keywords for that particular video. But usually the keywords are hidden and only accessable to the owner of that video.
But do you know you can find the keywords? Here are the steps for finding youtube video tags or keywords.

bznerd youtube channel

What you need?
1.A laptop /desktop
2.Chrome browser

Open chrome browser, go to, search for any video that you want the keywords/tags.

Open that video, I mean play that video. after few seconds/minutes, pause that video.

Right click with the mouse on the out side of the player window on the youtube web page. You will se options, second option from the bottom is “View page source”. Now click on the View page source. A new window will be open in the browser with page source code.

Press Contrle + F Button (CTRL+F) , a search window will be up on the top right side of the page. type “keywords” without inverted commas on that. Now press enter twice.
All the text with keywords will be shown .

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