How to add Admob App-Ads.txt for Blogger hosted custom domain – AdMob Doesn`t crawl fix

Easily fix ads.txt or app-ads.txt for blogger and custom domain blogger or wordpress website

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Add Admob App-Ads.txt for Blogger hosted custom domain

(fix the problem of AdMob not crawling app-ads.txt)

If you are using AdMob on your Android Apps, You might have seen AdMob asking for app-ads.txt for your play store apps. app-ads.txt is a text file that is hosted on a website. So in order to upload the app-ads.txt file, you need to have a domain.  There are other ways to do it for free But I strongly recommend having your own domain name. Here in this post, I will show you how to add app-ads.txt to your blogger hosted custom domain and fix problems of AdMob not crawling app ads txt

sample app-ads.txt, pub-312561056759850, DIRECT, s08l97fec0242fh0


1. Go to AdMob–Apps-app-ads.txt
2.Copy that code
4.Paste it on the root of a blogger domain
5. Go to play store
6. Select an app
7.Store listing
8.Paste the website name in the store listing website place

Detailed process:

First of all, go to the AdMob website, your account, apps, view all apps. There you can find the app-ads section. Here is the screenshot


Click on the app-ads.txt, you will find the detailed steps in a window like this.

Now you have your app-ads.txt, Copy that code. 

Upload app-ads.txt To Blogger custom domain

Now go to, select your blog, go to that blog`s settings page like shown below
In the settings>search preferences, you will find custom ads.txt 
Edit the custom ads.txt, paste the app-ads.txt. save the changes.

Now in the same blogger settings>search preferences  page, you can see “custom redirects”

 Edit the custom redirects, /app-ads.txt to /ads.txt like shown in the screenshot below, and save the changes.

Now go to play store developer console website>all application. Click on any one of the applications,
select store presence,> store listing, scroll down to contact details. there you will see the website, email, phone, etc. In the website place, paste your blogger website URL. For example,
(Don’t paste the app-ads.txt URL, example:

Now that’s all. wait for 12-24hours. AdMob will crawl the app-ads.txt and , you will see the green color dot in the AdMob Apps section. like below


There are chances that you cannot set up the app-ads.txt file in the blogger, in that situation, even after 24 hrs or so. the AdMob will not crawl the app-ads.txt file. So be sure that you have set up your domain name in the blogger properly.

Here is the crucial fie

For example, my domain name is make sure the website opens in the four scenarios. with https and without https. with www and without www. For this, you need to set up your custom domain name in your domain name provider website as well as in the blogger.
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