How to add Admob App-Ads.txt for Blogger hosted custom domain – AdMob Doesn`t crawl fix

Easily fix ads.txt or app-ads.txt for blogger and custom domain blogger or wordpress website

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Add Admob App-Ads.txt for Blogger hosted custom domain

(fix the problem of AdMob not crawling app-ads.txt)

If you are using AdMob on your Android Apps, You might have seen AdMob asking for app-ads.txt for your play store apps. app-ads.txt is a text file that is hosted on a website. So in order to upload the app-ads.txt file, you need to have a domain.  There are other ways to do it for free But I strongly recommend having your own domain name. Here in this post, I will show you how to add app-ads.txt to your blogger hosted custom domain and fix problems of AdMob not crawling app ads txt

sample app-ads.txt, pub-312561056759850, DIRECT, s08l97fec0242fh0


1. Go to AdMob–Apps-app-ads.txt
2.Copy that code
4.Paste it on the root of a blogger domain
5. Go to play store
6. Select an app
7.Store listing
8.Paste the website name in the store listing website place

Detailed process:

First of all, go to the AdMob website, your account, apps, view all apps. There you can find the app-ads section. Here is the screenshot

Click on the app-ads.txt, you will find the detailed steps in a window like this.

Upload app-ads.txt To Blogger custom domain


Here is the crucial fie