How to Rank Blogger posts higher in Search Results – Add keywords for Blogger Post & SEO Ranking Tips

SEO tips for blogger posts

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Blogger Posts keywords & SEO ranking tips

Blogger is a friendly place for newcomers who are interested in blogging. Since it is a google product, exposure to search engines is easy But nowadays there are plenty of blogs in every niche. So getting in the top result is a bit hard task. You should know Search engine optimization (SEO) for blogger posts to be on the top of the list in google search.
how to add keywords for blogger post
blogger post ranking SEO

Keywords for Blogger posts

Keywords are essential for ranking blog posts on the search engine. Unlike WordPress, there are not many tools available for bloggers to place keywords on their blog posts.  But by following some rules, you can add keywords indirectly to the blog posts.
1. Put keyword on the title of the blog post
2. Put keyword on the heading of the description of the blog post
3. Make sure keywords present  on the text
4.make sure the keyword is present in the conclusion part/end part of the post.

Images SEO

In blogger posts, you will upload images related to the topic. By right-clicking on the image you will have few options. Do you know you can rank your blog post higher with image SEO? Yes. what you have to do is
1. Before uploading the image to the blog post, rename the image to the main keyword of the post. Example here in this post, I have renamed this post image as “keywords-for-blogger-posts.jpg”
2. Add keyword in the caption. (caption is a text present below the blog post image)
3. Add title and Alt text to the image. the title should have a keyword.
alt-text is the description for images. So make sure keyword is present in the Alt Text

Custom Permalink 

On the right side of the blog post, you have a few options like labels, schedule, permalink, etc. The permalink is the URL for the blog post. You have two options. Automatic permalink and custom permalink. Use custom permalink and make sure to include the keyword in the custom permalink.
Example: For this post, I have an automatic permalink of
But I changed to custom permalink as follows

Search Description

You can see the Search description on the right side of the edit post section. Make sure you add the keyword in the description. You can add 150 keywords for optimizing the search description. Use focussed keywords in the description.


Following the above tips, you should also do indexing on the search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex to improve the ranking of your blogger blog/blogger blog post.