How to speed up my laptop

make old laptop 20 times faster in 2020

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We spend most of our daily time with either smartphone or laptop/pc. We get irritated if they are slow. Most of the laptops nowadays come with fast enough CPUs and RAM but If we have an older laptop that runs slowly, what should we do to make them faster? There are a few important changes we have to make to run them fastly.

I am still using almost 10 years old laptop as my primary laptop without worrying about slowness. The laptop runs on windows7 and an intel i3 3rd generation processor. Initially, the laptop came with just 4gb of RAM and 500 GB HDD (Hard Disk Drive). But I changed these two things to make my laptop faster. Fortunately, my laptop came with an extra empty RAM slot.

I highly recommend this to you also to make your laptop faster.


Solid-state drive.

Many of the laptops by default come with HDD or Hard disk drive because of cost-cutting mainly. HDDs are slower than SSDs. SSD memory drive that basically replaces the HDD or Hard Disk Drive. The SSD is crucial for making the laptop very fast.

With simple tools like a screwdriver and some youtube videos, we can change the built-in Hard disk of our laptop with SSD at our home. These days SSDs got cheaper also. For 250 GB SSD, we get for 3000 Rs. (60$)

before buying the SSD,Make sure to check what is your laptop model and which SSD is suitable to your laptop .

Here is the best SSD for laptops.

Western Digital WD Green 240 GB 2.5 inch SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (WDS240G2G0A)


Read only memory

Most of the laptops come with 4GB RAM. The RAM is also very important along with SSD to run the laptop faster. Many laptop manufacturers give an option to upgrading the RAM to further by providing an empty RAM slot on the laptop. We can simply upgrade the RAM by just opening the laptop and inserting the new RAM into the pre came empty RAM slot.

Before buying the RAM, make sure your laptop has an extra empty RAM slot. make sure which type of RAM is suitable for your laptop (example: DDR3, DDR4, etc) and also decide how much RAM you need. (Example: 8GB or 16 GB etc).



By changing the laptop`s Hard disk with SSD and upgradable RAM, I can garranty your old laptop runs significantly faster.

Buy SSD or RAM of reputed brands like Samsung, ADATA, Western Digital, because they are durable and lasts for long. If you want them at a very cheap rate, you can search for used ones on Olx or eBay or search online for refurbished ones. But I don’t recommend using the used ones or refurbished products.