Use Quora Android App Dark Mode on Android 10 /Android Q

quora app in dark theme

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Trick to use Quora app in dark mode- Android 10

We all know that Android 10 (Android Q) has dark mode feature built in . This dark theme helps reducing eye strain and also improves device battery backupBut it is limited to system and few apps like playsore,gmail,photos etc. Some apps still don`t get the dark mode feature.

One of those apps is Quora. This is so popular application but you will not find any settings in the app to turn on dark mode or dark theme. Android 10 system wide dark mode will not help in this case either.
so here is the trick to use Quora Android App in dark mode or dark theme.

Iam here taking example of my phone Google pixel 2.Settings may be little bit different for each phone model.WORKS ONLY ON ANDROID 10.
1.Turn on developer options in Android settings. T do that you need to tap several times on “Build number”
go to –settings–About phone–Build number (tap several times on the build number)
Now you have developer options enabled.
2.Now go to developer oprions
Phone–Settings–System–Advanced–Developer options
3.Scroll down slowly to see the option “Override force-dark”. Enable it.
quora app dark thme
force dark mode
Boom!! Now Open Quora App. You will enjoy reading the Quora dark theme. This process enables almost all apps to dark mode. 
quora android app dark theme
Quora App dark Mode
Final words
This is the trick to force dark mode on almost all apps. But rememeber that this setting will last untill you reboot your phone.Once you reboot your phone for some reason, you need to re enable the force dark mode in developer options.