WPS WPA Vulnerability tester : wps wpa tester and wps connect

test WPS security and connect WPS network with PIN

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WPS-WPA tester- wps wifi connect Scan wps network,connect wps with pin,test wps vulnerability,show wifi password root. Scan wifi networks such as WPA,WPA2-PSK,WEP,WPS.

wps wpa tester
wps app

This android app will scan wifi networks and detects networks with wps enabled. Then you can connect to that wps networks with PINs provided in this app. This app also shows saved wifi passwords on rooted phones

  • Features:
    -Wifi network scanning of all types
  • -connect wps network with PINs
  • -wps,wpa,wpa2psk-Show wifi password with root/superuser permission-Default wifi router PINS

How to use this app:

Open the app

enable location and gps

scan wifi networks

tap on any wps network

connect with PINs or try root method